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Asia Pacific pelvic conference - Cairns

Last week Mark was in Cairns for 4 days as part of the Faculty for the AO Pelvic and Acetabular fracture course. The faculty included surgeons from the UK, USA, India, Thailand and Australia. This important course had over 30 delegates from all over the Asia-Pacific region, mostly senior registrar or consultant level. Mark's particular lecture topics involved pelvic fractures including the sacrum (at the back), as well as how to manage complex hip / pelvic fractures in the elderly or osteoporotic patient.

Much of the time however was spent in case discussion sessions which are a more productive way of learning, and give the faculty a chance to discuss complex issues. As ever, despite being there to teach, the opportunity to spend a few days with a large number of experienced colleagues discussing all aspects of these difficult cases results in the faculty members learning too! It’s also a good time to socialise with surgeons from other countries who work in different healthcare systems.

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