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New Mildura Clinic

As part of the AHKC, Mark has started a new clinic in Mildura. He is planning to visit once every four weeks, for both surgery and outpatient clinics.

Mildura has a population of around 60,000, but the hospital there serves a surrounding population of up to 250,000. Currently the majority of patients have to travel to either Melbourne or Adelaide for Orthopaedic surgery, which has numerous knock-on effects – not only in terms of cost and time, but also patient support after surgery and the ability of family members to visit. The aim of this initiative is that one of the members of AHKC will be in Mildura every week, allowing the majority of patients to remain in Mildura for their clinic visits and surgery. Mark has agreed to a no-gap policy for patients treated in Mildura, making this an excellent option for local patients to be treated in their local hospital.

Bookings for the Mildura clinic can be made either through the consulting suites at Mildura Private Hospital, or through the Adelaide Hip and Knee Clinic.

Contact details for Mildura consulting rooms are

Telephone 03 5022 2611 220 – 228 Thirteenth Street Mildura VIC 3500 Email

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